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Ultimate Private Support for Intuitive Female Business Owners and Leaders to Master their Psychic Abilities and Create Impact.

Dear Queen, Welcome, Let me introduce myself 

I am Aurora Ficel, an intuitive leadership coach, transformation teacher, and mentor for female Entrepreneurs and Business owners that desire to explore new unlimited life by raising their intuition in their business. My passion for raising psychic abilities has been with me since birth. I have more than 10 years of experience in upgrading and raising my intuition using various self-development techniques like Thetahealing and my unique soul-led strategy. With my expertise, I can help you unlock your own by increasing your intuition level and aligning with your soul's purpose. Are you ready? Let's talk about it 

Download My Womb healing mastery meditation

Master your inner master and heal your feminine wounds.

How can I help you ?

One to One &

Coaching Miracle Queen Activation 

Uplevel | Limitless

Open yourself up to miracles. Create an unlimited version of yourself and live your highest purpose now. This is a special 3,6 or 12 month private coaching formula for extraordinary CEOs and businesswomen who desire to receive more love in their lives. Imagine stepping into your unlimited and highly intuitive self, where happiness, love, and success seamlessly coexist. Your unlimited and super intuitive self is waiting for you. You desire to feel happy, loved, and successful all at the same time. Let's discover our private journey of unique One to One private coaching with Aurora. 

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Online courses

Self confidence | Inner Power | Queen wisdom

Do you want to learn how to uplevel your intuition in your life or business? Let's discover our online programs and meditations. You Inner Master is waiting to you. Are you ready?

Intuitive Business Confidence, 1:1 Coaching Package

Release| Limitless

Unique One month package to release limitations that are holding you back from become an intuitively confident in your business. Welcome a new clarity to your life with this intensive and transformative private coaching experience. With Aurora, you'll embark on a journey to unlock new levels of confidence, fulfillment, clarity and success in your business while using your intuition in business.

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Inner connection | Awakening | Limitless self

Let's discover our meditations. Relax, evolve, practice, unlock your inner master.

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Aurora is amazing, intuitive, and empathetic. 🥰 Based on my previous experiences with meditations, she helped me make quantum leaps to a whole new level of my life, perception, vision, feeling and knowing of my purpose. Each meeting had a fantastic sense, and I eagerly watched where I progressed again. 😍 When a person is ready, they feel it and allow themselves to go further, embarking on a clearer, more adventurous, and fulfilling path in life. 💜 I look forward to the next level with Aurora.


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