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Empowering soulful women leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, change makers to create a soulful strategy how to improve impact by raising their psychic abilities so that they can master their lives and live their highest purpose in most easy and joyful way

HI, Iam Aurora

I am a soul led entrepreneur that is specialized for soul gifts, relationships, sexuality and building soul harmony career. I help intuitive ambitious women, soul led leaders , healers master their psychic awareness and soul gifts to build empire by building their confidence to turn their passion into highest purpose so that they can live a super life ! 

My knowledges are coming already from a very young childhood. I was a very open and intuitive kid, but I was afraid of my abilities because I didn’t understand that time to myself well and that world has not been that open as today and all those experiences bring me here today. I have more than 10 years old experiences in working with a lot of different many techniques and now I use my own and help people to find their best unique technique to work for them by mastering and awakening their inner wisdom of their soul.

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Private Coaching and VIP Miracle day

Private coaching for intuitive entrepreneurs and emerging ambitious soul led leaders to raise their psychic awareness and reach their goals faster, fulfill their missions with joy and ease to create lasting impact and master their lives. Space for private coaching is limited and ONLY BY APPLICATION !

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Raise your psychic awareness

Raise your psychic awareness Intensive 3-month online training to live your highest soul purpose,makeing impact from your passions and fullfil your mission with ease and joy for those who wants to live without fear of being visible or using their gifts and create perfect confidence and connection with universal source. Full of healing tools, energy clearings, activations and coaching.

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Online programs and Meditations

For those who wants more. Courses and meditations created to support you on your healing journey to heal, align, empower and activate you into your most powerfull, best and highest master version of yourself so thtat you can master your mission.

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Client Testimonials

With❤️from Adriana

"I can only recommend Aurora as a guide through. He always goes in depth, perceives very delicately and precisely what needs to be cleaned and rewritten. I have had several sessions with her and they have always given me new aha moments, insights and cleansings. After each transcription, I feel much lighter and more connected internally and physically. Aurora already has lot of years of experience also with Thetha healing and work on his own self-development - which is also reflected in his unique approach and knowledge. She has a wonderful connection and always creates a safe space for healing.."

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