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How would your life look like without all the fears and limits?

Time to master your master wisdom, finally come out of spiritual closet and finish the mission. The real reason why you came here for. 

Let me help you with that.


Hi! Iam Aurora Ficel

I am an Intuitive Leadership Coach, Transformation Teacher To Leaders, Speaker and Mentor.

I empower intuitive ambitious women, female entrepreneurs, healers and soul led leaders develop awareness of their psychic abilities and soul gifts to build their passions into true self-aware influence, success and live their highest soul purpose. In lightness.



Thanks to my high psychic sensitivity since childhood, I can say that I have devoted my entire life to various spiritual techniques and personal development, which I had the opportunity to learn, develop and create techniques from.

One of my main skills is to remove the upper limits and see the true potential of a person, even if she does not see it yet, and to reveal the unseen. These are things we thought we had already figured out. I have been a certified practitioner of Thetahealing technique for more than 7 years and have diploma from diplomacy and international relations.


Private coaching and cooperation opportunities


For intuitive entrepreneurs, leaders who desire to raise their confidence, live a succesfull life, create real impact with ease and fulfillment by raising their psychic abilities. Live your highest soul purpose and become true masters of your life. Let's finish your mission baby!

Basic package of 3 intensive sessions with Aurora to become CONFIDENCE and TRUST YOUR INTUITION again.

The basis of self-confidence for the ease and clarity of the next step. In this option we will work together to clear and heal the trust of connecting with our inner source. 

To the women that doesn't speak out loud that much about it all yet.

Topic no. 1: Confidence and clearing fears around receiving and seeing information so that you allow yourself to take the next step. Start to tune your intuition wifi to the whole new level.

During these three basic sessions, we will work together to eliminate the fear of using clairvoyance and intuition so


Clarity in receiving information from the universe without the fear that prevents you from doing so.


Stronger soul connection

You will get a shortcut to how to connect with your soul and higher self even easier and faster without drama and reveal who you really are in the new energy

  • An excellent option for a begin to build more confidence and allow more to yourself.

  • At the end, we will set new goals together and enter the manifestation

  • The result of the meetings: Readiness to open up and step into the new. Activating the ability to read your future and reveal a new path from a higher perspective in ease.

  • You can begin to banish confusion, fear and mistrust from your life.

  • Welcome new clarity and a strengthened connection with your soul and the ability to receive messages more clearly and intimately and see what to start doing, where to move in life or business.

  • #1 package


    3X 90MIN/3 WEEKS 

    Online via Google meet



    psychic confidence

    Ready to the next step? You feel like you need something more in your life, you are an intuitive but don't know what yet or how to make it !

    NO TIME TO WASTE TIME! Master baby, are you ready to make a real quantum leaps and show your powerful wisdom finally to the world with confidence?

    This is an amazing 3-month private support opportunity, in addition to healing the topic of psychic confidence and removing the fear of using your psychic abilities that prevent you from using your intuition and finally plant your unique wisdom master seed - live your highest soul purpose. Together we have space for an even deeper development and understanding of how to use your psychic abilities in business and in your life.

    The topic of the meetings will be: How to become the queen/king of your life through honoring your psychic abilities and gifts of the soul by inner source connection.

    Do you want to create complete resistance to external influences that prevent you from fully living your highest soul purpose?

    In this option, you will be guided to accept your power and reveal your strengths. You will free your feminine energy to be more confident in your power to start living your highest soul purpose and allow yourself to do why you came here really for.

  •                           BENEFITS:

    You will feel confident.

    You will manifest and solve things in your life with much more ease, greater clarity, confidence and efficiency without fear of being visible as you truly are.

    You will feel free, powerful  and more feminine. SAFE is must need.

  • An important topic that we will address will be: TO SET YOUR BOUNDARIES !

  • If you are without a partner or want to improve your relationship, we will set up a basic manifestation for a soul mate.

  • You will learn how to effectively schedule your time through the source connection and do soul-led activities that will lead you to gradually earn more and do less.

  • #2 package


    10X 90MIN /6-8 WEEKS

    Online via Google meet

    3333 €

    aaken the master

    This is for you if:

    • You are an intuitive, experienced and  your calling is higher. You realize and understand that there is a need to work on yourself outside of our sessions too.

    • After a meeting with a client or a person with a different attitude, you tend to transfer his energy and emotions to yourself and you feel drained. You need to recharge after the activity. Even also your friends don't know how intuitive you really are.

    • You are ready for a change. You have dreams and you feel that you want to do great things, but your self-confidence is not yet sufficient. You intuitive WIFI sometimes work and sometimes you feel like don't or not sure what is going on.

    • You decide what others will think of you when you show who you really are and that you have intuitive abilities.

    • You feel stuck, at a crossroads, you don't know what to do next or what more you could do because you experienced already a lot. You want to move to a new level of using your abilities easily but you don't feel that safe yet.

    • You are ready to invest in yourself and start taking action.


    For whom it is not suitable:

    • You are stuck in victim energy. You are looking for a "savior" who will pull you out of the bottom and you have no experience.

    • You are looking for rational development of your business.

    • You are afraid to take a step forward. 

    • You are not ready to invest in yourself

    • This is not for you if you have no meaning in life or have no experiences with self development or meditations.

    •  It is not for men who are not ready to develop their intuitive and psychic skills without drama, pain, hard work and struggle.

    #1 package


    3X 90MIN private session / 3 WEEKS



    How would your life would look like if there where any fears to step up for your desires? This is a great option for you to feel confident and understand your intuitive abilities.

    Learn more

    #2 package


    10X 90MIN/ 3 MONTHS of private support


    Intuitive but still not sure what more you should do in your life with you abilities or how to use them better to simplify your life? Let's explore your soul purpose, release fear of being intuitive to feel confident in your healthy female energy. Awaken the master inside of you to stop asking others what to do and how anymore! 

    Learn more

    What clients say:


    "Life has sent Aurora to me at the right time. I see it as a gift. ❤ Aurora has a pure, gentle energy that heals deep blocks in the subconscious through gentle and deep therapy and her conscious attention. Just her presence is soothing and healing in itself. Already after the session, a person feels completely different - much lighter, more aware and especially feels that he has unblocked certain things on a much deeper level than during regular coaching/psychotherapy, where a person goes "infinitely" and the progress is very slow, because the treatment does not take place on a energy level, but only on the intellectual level. In her work, the effects are very fast - of course, depending on the state of consciousness and readiness to "restart" certain patterns and internal dysfunctional settings."

    Kristina W.


    I can only recommend Aurora as a coach. She always goes deep, perceives very delicately and exactly what needs to be cleaned and rewritten. I have had several sessions with her and they have always given me new aha moments, insights and cleansings. After each transcription, I feel much lighter and more connected internally and physically. Auri already has several years of experience with Thethahealing and working on her own self-development - which is also reflected in her unique approach and knowledge. She has a wonderful connection and always creates a safe space for healing.


    auroraficel coaching



    3-6 or 12-month private coaching

    Registration ONLY through the application form. A limited number of places. 


    Purpose driven females, intuitive female business owners entrepreneurs, leaders that desire to uplevel their impact and attract happy lasting relationship by raising their intuition. Those who are ready tap into their divine queen energy, master their psychic abilities, develop or create their own business through their gifts - what they really enjoy or transform what they have already achieved, into a soul-led business and living their highest purpose. For those ready to shift, raise their awareness explore their own soul led strategy and create real impact quickly and easily.

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