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Unlock Your Inner Queen: Confident Queen Activation 3-Day Live Online Masterclass!

With Intuitive Leadership Coach Aurora Ficel

Reign with Confidence and Master Your Psychic Abilities for Lasting Business Impact!

Live group training 15-18 August 2023 at 17:00 CEST/ 11:OOAM EST

Are you an ambitious female or a visionary female business owner? Do you desire to tap into your intuition, elevate your leadership skills, and create a profound impact in your industry? Look no further! Our exclusive Confident Queen Activation Masterclass is designed just for you!

In this transformative 3-day online course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and intuitive awakening of your Queen power.

Here's what you can expect during the Confident Queen Activation Masterclass:

  •  Day 1: Intuition in Business: 

    • You will learn how to open up to unlimited possibilities in your business.
    • You will explore how to and the importance of using intuition in business.
    • You will explore energy healing techniques to remove limiting beliefs that hinder your intuitive abilities.
    • We will also discover the most common limiting beliefs that are holding you back from using your psychic abilities with confidence in Business.
    • You will Gain clarity and learn how to make confident decisions that align with your intuition.-
  • Day 2: Queen Activation your own Blueprint: 

    Dive into the sacred realm of feminine energy healing and awaken your inner queen.

    •  You will discover your unique queen awakening blueprint, tap into your intuition, and ignite your passion in deep energy healing meditation.
  • Day 3: Self-trust and Heart Healing

    • You will find and describe in which area your actual self trust mindset is holding you back in your life.
    • Learn how to heal past wounds, particularly those related to feminine energy, intuition, society conditioning.
    • Learn how to cultivate self-trust, and experience a profound heart healing journey.
  • BONUS: 4th additional BONUS TRAINING SESSION Heart healing energy clearing, to deepen your intuition, strengthen your self-trust, be ready to explore your new unlimited self possibilities. 

  • What you'll get:

    3 x 90 mins Live group trainings with Aurora + 4 BONUS TRAINING DAY

    Private Facebook Group for peer-to-peer support

    BONUS Training

    Energy Clearing Session

    Guided Meditations



    Non refundable. Lifetime access to replay.