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1:1 private online 6 - weeks TRANSFORMATION

Increase and up level your psychic abilities with Aurora

Master activation. 6 weeks / 2x per week of intensive and transformational sessions for intuitively ambitious women and men to build or update their psychic abilities and soul gifts to the next level. Intense transformational transformation and support for people who want to know how to use their intuitive abilities without fear and turn their passion into impact and perfect self-confidence

FREE30 MIN CLARITY CALL• life changing transformation

Tune up your spiritual senses to whole new level 


We will heal, pull out and clean old roots, programs and blockages that prevent you from using your abilities to the fullest.

You will make a SUPER SELF- CONFIDENCE more than ever.

You will buld up more confidence in the source / universe + more clarity in your life

Beginners will also learn how to connect with their soul, higher self, and guides

You will radically increase your vibrations and thus increase your ability to manifest your soul desires

The course is specially and uniquely designed so that by completing it, you will get an instant individual shift, according to your goals, which we will set together, also you will get complete support that is needed to safely update or activate your psychic abilities of the soul like never before.

The new level is here.

No more shame and doubts about your intuition. Be clear about that! Upgrade your life. A new level of freedom and TRUST in life and in yourself.

By completing the transformation, you can expect completely new energies and changes that are activated in and around you by matching your highest potential, activating your psychic abilities and removing blockages that prevent you from understanding, working with them = becoming an AWAKENED MASTER.

Are you intuitive, but want to improve your psychic abilities, take them to a new level, or turn them into a successful career ? Get a totally new upgrade?

Or do you want to get rid of the fear of negativity, fears around work with your abilities?

Are you an intuitive person, but your "WIFI" doesn't work well?

Are you connected but don't know where? Want to know how to work better with your intuition? To know difference between mind talk, heart talk or entities ?

Rigt now...

It's time to taste the next floor of your own tree of knowledge within yourself.

Your soul calls for something more that is in line with your highest soul goal.

You are intuitive, sensitive, but you don't know how to turn it into your natural benefits safely without looking crazy.


I've been on same situation in past .

Together we will remove the limits, blockages and fears around the use of psychic abilities, or the old fears of "being caught by darkness " . We will heal it from the depths of your subconscious. Together we will treat everything you are prepared for, that could prevent or limit your entry into your unique abilities.

Big change is maybe closer than you think and easier than you think.


Each session is unique.

Each session is always made exactly for your personal situation, goals, and desires- and can be any combination of spiritual coaching, quantum healing, activation, upgrades, personal mentorship, channeling + psychic information.

In private transformation, we will also work on clearing and activate, your chakras , so that they are in harmony.

Allow your special and unique gifts and soul abilities to express, tune to the maximum and let your energy flow freely by healing your energy centers and topics related to them.

Počas každého sedenia budeme postupne prechádzať jednotlivé bloky a témy, ktoré sa budú otvárať tak, aby ste boli na konci transformácie schopní bezpečne a sebavedomo uchopiť svoje schopnosti a intuíciu.















Of yourse this program is not for everyone.

It is for you if ...

  • If you are intuitive but you don't know how to grab it, how to work with that and you want to know.

  • You are bit afraid of being authentic self and spiritual, because you are afraid of what they will think of you: so you prefer to hide yourself or your crystals, cards under the bed, or you are afraid of destructive energies because you feel them and don't deal with them

  • You are intuitive, but you feel that it needs some new advanced or instant upgrade to a new level, to activate new gifts and abilities, because you are going through a transformational phase - a transition to the new and you want something more. Live your most highest timeline.

  • You are ambitious and want to develop your passions, hobbies, but you don't know how to build a career out of it. You have vivid dreams, visions, various messages come to you, but you don't know what they mean and you want to know. It fascinates you to be able to use your abilities. Instantly and clearly.

  • Your intuitive "WIFI" doesn't work that well as you wish so you have sometimes problems to recognize messages. It is like sometimes work sometimes not. Sometimes someone/something connects with you, but you don't know who or what, so sometimes you get scared. You want to know better how it all works. Be the king or queen of your gifts.

  • Whole life Investment in your life changing transformation 6 WEEKS after 2 MEETINGS PER WEEK session


    YES I AM IN !

    Online transformation program from the comfort of your home via google meet.

    The transformation also includes unlimited chat support via whatsapp during the entire duration of the program on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    To sign up, choose the day and time in the calendar that suits you best, and we will have a FREE 30-minute info call, where we will tune into each other, agree on the whole process, the method and the times we will meet together.


    Meet Aurora

    Aurora is an Intuitive Coach, an entrepreneur, a teacher and passionate lover of the development of psychic abilities, a leader with more than 9 years of experience with various spiritual techniques such as working with a pendulum, regression therapy and the technique of the Theta level method and many people she has already helped. Aurora has a master degree in Diplomacy and international relations. She has been dedicated to personal development for over 11 years, and in her private coaching practice she helps intuitive people, leaders and ambitious women transform their lives and their passions into abundance and success through the development of intuitive abilities.