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For women who are ready to tap into their intuitive  queen wisdom, want to feel fulfilled and be confident in their business.

Tune into your queen frequency, heal your womb to receive more love, more money, more happiness, and better relationships.

Is this you?

You're and ambitious female but you lost your direction in your life, you are feeling stuck in your love life, struggling to attract a compatible soulmate, you work hard or yearning to heal your womb to get pregnant or receive more in your life or business with ease, this meditation is for you.

Let this meditation guide you to master your inner intuitive wisdom and awaken your feminine power, so you can feel confident and create your business with ease from the energy of love, respect, freedom and happy relationships.

Through this meditation, you'll learn...

Trust your intuition more and listen to your body, organs, and womb.  You will feel more confident.

You'll open up to your powerful feminine energy and ability to receive ( your female super power)

Opening up will help you earn more by working less if you align with your inner queen wisdom and master your psychic abilities.

Allow your inner Queen to expand

When you master your inner intuitive wisdom and awaken your female energy without draining or pushing, you'll allow yourself to expand, radiate, and breathe easily as a confident and content woman. 

This kind of energy is what will help you be fulfilled so you can feel happy and attract lasting relationship with a compatible man.

Hi! Iam Aurora Ficel

I am an intuitive tranformation coach to leaders, speaker and mentor.

I empower intuitive leaders, ambitious women, emerging light-workers, healers develop awareness of their psychic abilities and soul gifts to build their passions into true self-aware influence, success and live their highest soul purpose. In lightness.


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