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Empowerment for Female Leaders and Intuitive Business Owners: Rapid Results with Leadership Coach,Transformation Teacher, and Speaker Aurora Ficel

Unlocking Limitless Success through Psychic Awareness and Fulfillment

Hi! Iam Aurora Ficel

Intuitive entrepreneur, leadership coach, transformation teacher, and speaker.

I lead Intuitive female entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners to step confidently into their truest and highest version of themselves, achieving rapid results, unlocking limitless success with ease by raising their psychic awareness in business and in life. Along my transformative journey, I've learned that we need not endure endless struggle to experience a lasting fulfillment and success. Frequently, it's the old belief systems passed down through generations that shackle us. These long-standing mental constraints, forged over millennia, often hinder our progress without our conscious awareness.



Lasting success is 80% Energy and 20% Strategy.

The key to unlocking our limitless wisdom, health and vitality, lies in harnessing our feminine energy-intuition. 

Surprisingly, over 90% of adolescent females worldwide face issues with their center of feminine and intuitive energy - wombs.

Mastering our psychic abilities is essential, not only for females but also for males. Delve into the healing of your inner feminine energy in business and unleash your limitless wisdom.


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For female entrepreneurs and soul led intuitive business owners to rapidly uncover what is holding you back from your desired outcomes.


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Book a free Clarity Call into rapidly analyze and uncover what is you currently holding back and create your unique soul led game plan with Aurora.

 To help you swiftly overcome your challenges. Do you feel unsure about what's holding you back from achieving rapid shift in raising your psychic abilities or to reach the next level in your business or life?

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"Life has sent Aurora to me at the right time. I see it as a gift. ❤ Aurora has a pure, gentle energy that heals deep blocks in the subconscious through gentle and deep therapy and her conscious attention. Just her presence is soothing and healing in itself. Already after the session, a person feels completely different - much lighter, more aware and especially feels that he has unblocked certain things on a much deeper level than during regular coaching/psychotherapy, where a person goes "infinitely" and the progress is very slow, because the treatment does not take place on a energy level, but only on the intellectual level. In her work, the effects are very fast - of course, depending on the state of consciousness and readiness to "restart" certain patterns and internal dysfunctional settings."


Territory Manager, Web services

"I can only recommend Aurora as a coach. She always goes deep, perceives very delicately and exactly what needs to be cleaned and rewritten. I have had several sessions with her and they have always given me new aha moments, insights and cleansings. After each transcription, I feel much lighter and more connected internally and physically. Aurora already has several years of experience with Thethahealing, coaching and working on her own self-development - which is also reflected in her unique approach and knowledge. She has a wonderful connection and always creates a safe space for healing."


ThetaHealing® Advisor, Spiritual Guide

"Aurora is amazing, intuitive, and empathetic. 🥰 Based on my previous experiences with meditations, she helped me make quantum leaps to a whole new level of my life, perception, vision, feeling and knowing of my purpose. Each meeting had a fantastic sense, and I eagerly watched where I progressed again. 😍 When a person is ready, they feel it and allow themselves to go further, embarking on a clearer, more adventurous, and fulfilling path in life. 💜 I look forward to the next level with Aurora."


Yoga Instructor

"After completing the program with Aurora, I feel back in my feminine power. I understood many things, and it gave me a lot. Interesting things happened during our sessions, it gave me chills. I feel like I've returned to my energy and realized many things that need work. I started feeling much freer, stronger, and I feel incredible freedom. It was absolute magic! Thank you."


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Investment, Insurance and Tax Professional

I've known Aurora for several years and I'm glad I decided to join her leadership. She's very kind, even though, thanks to her gifts, she's experienced various enriching stories that she's eager to share with you. I appreciate her work with pure energy and good intentions. She teaches us to discover and develop our inner abilities what is a game changer. Together, we're creating a great community where we welcome similarly sensitive individuals.


CEO and Business Owner


Are you ready?

Awaken and raise your inner intuitive wisdom, analyze your situation, and achieve instant, rapid, life-changing results with your unique soul-led plan. Embrace your intuition and fast-track your journey with clarity and success. Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Schedule your free Clarity Call today and pave the way to achieving your desired outcomes with ease. Seize the opportunity now to transform your life! Take action today to pave the way for your desired outcomes with ease.


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